Happy Holi 2020: Essential Skin and Hair care tips for safe Holi


The Spring festival of colours is finally here. Holi is fun festivals of colours but colours can be harmful for your skin and hairs. Nowadays holi celebrated with harmful, toxic colours that can ruin hair and skin.

So, Follow these tips to take care of your hair and skin as you enjoy the Festival.

Tips for Skin care

  • SPF Sunscreen– To esuse protection from the harmful rays of the Sun, one must apply 50+SPF and do not forget on your lips .
  • Apply Coconut/Almond oil for 10 minutes on parts of the body It will helps you get rid off the dry colours from your skin .
  • Avoid using soap or face wash on the skin their application may result in dryness of skin .
  • Choose dark colour and light cotton fabrics to wear on the day of Holi.
  • To ensure protection from harmful chemicals , always wear Sunglasses .
  • Moisturise-  Applying Moisturiser will ensure that your Skin is well Hydrated.
  • Use it generously to get rid of roughness.
  • Use a de-tan coffee scrub for mild exfoliation.
Post care

Use home remedies such as a mix of curd, turmeric, besan, honey, lemon to clean your face and body.

Tips for Hair Care

  •  Oiling

Oil your hair properly before going out to play Holi. Massage your Hair from root to tips, adding few drops of Tea-tree essential oil. This will reduce infection. You can use any oil.

  • Cover your Hair

Tie you hair up in a bun or ponytail to minimize its contact with harmful colours. If possible cover your hair with Scarf or shower cap to protect it from the damage.

Post care
  • Hair Mask- Deeply cleanse and condition your Hair. Apply a hair mask after 2 to 3 days to treat damage hairs.
  • Applying serum after hair wash also help in rinsing off the Holi colours.
  • You can also go for a hair cream containg Sunscreem which is easily  available in the market .This will protect your Hair from harmful UV Rays.

With the help of Few tips you can protect your Skin and Hair from harmful colours and ”Happy Holi”.

Article by Divya Sharma, Lakme Academy Moradabad.